Virtual Life Coach

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Virtual Life Coach

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Feeling Stuck? There's a Virtual Life Coach Ready to Help You Out Monthly

I can help find a healthier more positive way to approach with your day to day life.

Teelah Hall is now officially a certified life coach.

Better Self Basket, LLC believes in people. That is the whole point of the business model, helping others enhance their lifestyle by providing the tools and resources for success. I love to coach people, and I also live taking on new challenges and character building. Life is so uncertain, we will work together to develop a plan to continue to move forward in a positive way.  Whether its for business or personal life, I am here to help you through it all. So, shut down those distractions, and let’s get to work!

We will:

  • Set Goals (S.M.A.R.T)
  • Discover What You Want To Achieve
  • Develop A Vision

I will hold you accountable, influence you, and create actionable follow ups. My job is to help you regain focus, clarify your goals, encourage you for success, and uncover hidden potential. I will listen and follow along with your on this self development journey while figuring out those secret ambitions. We will make all your goals attainable by taking steps every day.

Every month you will get a progress report request.