The Best Self Therapy 14 Day Virtual Journey

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The Best Self Therapy 14 Day Virtual Journey

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This is a rigorous 14 day extensive Self therapy program developed to work on you. The program includes an up front Interpersonal Capacities Quiz. This will help you understand which healthy interpersonal capacities it would be helpful for you to develop (or develop further) in the 14 day span. We then set goals and get them done whether it's finances, personal growth, education, fitness, health, creating a career path, or working on your relationship, any goal can be done.

Once we personalize your plan, you'll get a to do list and a daily chart for your 14 day therapy session.

You will get daily motivation, tips, tricks, and helpful tools sent to you! It's amazing what you'll be able to do if you give yourself the time.

Let's do this!