What is a BS basket?

A BS Basket is more then just a gift basket from us to you that is designed to give you the tools you need to become your best self. And if you don't need the basket, send it to someone else! It comes with a professional that specializes in bettering people and business lives. You get so much in a one month fixed subscription, and you can cancel at any time. For Personal Or Business Use.

What You Get

Even though everything offered can be purchased separately, you get a much better value if you purchase the BS Basket as a whole. Every month you will get:
  • A Better Self Gift Basket filled with amazing self development tools & stress relief
  • Access to Password Protected Tools, Coupons and Content
  • A WordPress Blog Hosted And Set Up for business or personal use
  • A Virtual Assistant For Any Tasks
  • A Life Coach that helps you attain your goals
  • A Webmaster For Your Website Or Blog
  • A Monthly Challenge
  • A Better Self Planner
  • One Mystery Trip to discover who you are

The BS Team

Meet the person behind the scenes. Teelah designs the tools you need to better yourself every month. She believes in you. Reach your goals yourself – She will be your support system for all your virtual online needs.

Who You Get

A Life & Business Coach

Teelah started this business because she believes in people. She believes in improving lifestyles. She gives you the tools and resources you need to solve problems and adventures with you in your journey of self discovery. Every month, you will have actionable follow ups for your business or

A Web Designer

Teelah Hall has over 5 years of web developer and design experience. You will not just get someone that has design experience but also development. This is great for troubleshooting mistakes or quality checking. Teelah knows the web more then the back of her hand. She’s never ran into an issue in HTML, CSS, PHP or jQuery that she could not solve.

A Virtual Assistant

Whether it be helping you set up a new email, posting ads on Craigslist, helping you plan your vacation or wedding. Teelah is up for the challenge. Planning and organizing are two strong points here. Let Better Self Basket, LLC  be an extra pair of hands for you!

A Webmaster

Teelah started her professional career as a webmaster. Better Self Basket, LLC, offers this because its in such high demand. If you need someone to manage your website monthly, this is the package for you. From copy and pasting and changing slideshow images, managing your blog and just so much more.

A Graphic Designer

Teelah has her BA in Graphic Design and Digital Media from Lyndon State College in Vermont. She has an eye for design in everything she does. From logo design, business cards, layout design, and so much more. This package is great for start ups or businesses ready to redesign their brand.

A Video Editor

You shoot the video,  Teelah will edit it! Teelah has been video editing with imovie, adobe premier, and

Teelah’s website portfolio can be viewed here: t-ladesigns.com