Individual looking for personal growth

The BS Basket will change every month with one focus: A Self Help book, Piggy Bank, Budget Tracker, Credit Score, finance & health Tips, Pedometer, Ear buds, Hand grippers, Monthly challenges, Sticky notes, resume builder, personal & business cards, checklists, Gym Bag, Journal, Fitness tracker poster, T-shirts, Tea, Water bottles, Vitamins, Cleanse Directions, Health checklist, SPA Day, Stress balls, Emergency packs, To do pad, Goal Tracker, Calendars, & more...

The Better Self Package is a month subscription delivering the tools you need to become your Better Self. You can either purchase this package all together to get the ultimate deal, or you can purchase only the items you would like.

A Subscription for the Better Self Basket
Essential Oils & Lavender Sprays
Planner / To Do List
A Self Help Book
Stress-balls & Fidget Spinners
Journals & Notebooks
Health & Fitness Tools
Personal Life & Relationships Tips
Get rich quick finance help
Preparation & Maintenance Support
Career & Education Plan
Goal Tracking
Life Coaching
Goal Tracking
Personalize Strategies
Monthly Challenges
Personal Virtual Assistant
Wedding planning
Vacation planning
Find Flights
Manage or set up your email
Craigslist posting
Free Blog Hosted
Complimentary blog hosting
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