Take The Better Self Pledge

"I will strive to challenge myself, while maintaining personal relationships and experiencing the world around me. I will trust my dreams and be a prisoner of nothing. I will not be bound to the boundaries of safety. I will seek new sources for learning and growth always reaching for the next best thing. I will complete everything that I want to do and not be held up by procrastination. I choose to make a difference in this world. I will be my best possible self every day."

There are many big items that you may choose to invest in: contributing to your 401k, buying a home or car, or going back to school.

However, there is one thing you should invest in today: YOU. You will most likely outlive your car, so starting today, you must be aware that you are your biggest investment. You’re worth it. I see you.

Did you know it takes 90 days to create a lifestyle?

This 90 day to do list will help you:
• Take complete control of your day
• Eliminate the wasted time
• Plan weekly meals
• Track your sleep
• Tackle time management
• Track your steps so you can actually see improvement
• Manage life’s chaos
• Reward yourself for being awesome
• Focus on the important tasks

Now, muster up the strength to BS through it.

How to use this book
Tips from the pros:

– 90 days is all it takes to create a lifestyle
– Plan the night before of what you will do tomorrow.
– Eat the frog! Prioritize the harder things first.
– Feel free to color, cross out, edit, and use this book how it fits in your life.
– Create your morning routine on the first week, stick to it. Even if theres a fire.
– The small section the right is great for grocery lists, reminders, recipes, a list of pod-cast
or books that you want to listen to that week.
– Pick only three things you are going to do tomorrow from the following categories:
Health (doctor appointments, therapy)
Wellness (exercise, meditation, vitamins, gym)
Chores (dishes, laundry)
Goals (work, paying off debt)
Productivity (meetings, writing blogs, work goals, business stuff)
Self Improvement (learn something knew, seminars, webinars)
Fun (out with friends, doing hobby, sports, movies, reading a book).
Charity (Helping a friend, donating to a stranger)

100 Day Challenge

Today’s your lucky day as you just found the only plan you need to fast track your goals and 10x your life. And the best part is that it works equally well for both large and small goals. Admit it. You want to live a bigger, bolder and far more beautiful life. If you have some big goals that you want and
need to achieve before the year is out…then take the 100 DAY FINISH STRONG CHALLENGE.

It’s a hardcore, fast paced goal setting program designed to create radical results quickly.

Is there really anything stopping me…other than myself?

I give it my highest recommendation!

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“I’m constantly looking for new ways to say productive and stay ahead of my work tasks, as well as my home items. This book was exactly what I was looking for. If you haven’t tried it yet, DO IT. Better Self Basket has changed the way I tackle my everyday to-do. Thanks!”

Angela Welch